MUSIC REVIEW: Live From Another Level by Israel & New Breed

Israel & New Breed - Live From Another LevelIsrael and New Breed have made the body of Christ an offer we can’t refuse.

Through their current project Live From Another Level” not only do listeners witness their growth, but get the blessing of partaking in it as well.

Produced by Aaron Lindsey and Israel Houghton this explosive, two hour, two disc set opens with a faith ignitedd declaration…..This is what it’s all about, we are going to Another Level! 

With Level 1 (Disc One) you are immediately connected with Come in From the Outside as Israel and New Breed extend their hands as well as their hearts to those listening, to open the eyes of our hearts and enter into the presence of the Most High God, our Heavenly Father.  

Followed with (the rising in popularity) the heart uplifting, hand clapping, get your feet to tapping, Again, I say Rejoice! in His undeniable goodness and that we must make known before the nations, who He is and what He has done…..Again, again and Again! 

We Win is an encouraging and exciting reminder of the victory and promise we have in Christ.  It serves as a blessing in song as well as a powerful teaching.  In other words, before the battle begun, we win!

All Around”  “You’ve made me Glad”  and I Hear the Sound (of a New Breed) lead you to think on the God of creation, the joy He floods your heart with and that no one can compare to Him.  Praising Him is the least we can do  in our response to all He has done.

Closing out the Level 1 (CD 1) is the beautiful and timely word through Bishop Joseph Garlington and the intimate medley offering ofSo Easy To Love” and “Friend of God”(chorus) rounding out a wonderful time of praise with causing us to focus on loving God and God, loving us. 

Level 2 (Disc 2) opens with the incredible, breathtaking, it’s too good to be true, but it is true, “I Am A Friend Of God”, tears of joy flood your being as you declare your unworthiness and receive His graciousness. 

As we journey through  Friend, Joy Of My Desire and No Not One”  (TheFriend Medley), we become acutely aware of His faithfulness as a friend and the example He sets before us.  Though this is displayed through corporate worship, it is a time of intimacy between Our Lord and each believer.

Rise Within Us, is a wide open invitation to God, the Holy Spirit, to inhabit our very being.

“Another Breakthrough/Lord of the Breakthrough”, is vacuumed packed with God’s faithfulness, ushering those in that season of life in Christ where we await the God of Daniel, who is Our God, to set us free from what has the appearance of destroying us.  

“Breathe Into Me”, “I Stand In Awe”, “Awesome In This Place” and “Here I Am To Worship (The Awesome Medley)” blend beautifully as songs of adoration, when words are often hard to express what you feel in your heart so deeply, but want desperately to convey.

Ending with, Going to Another Level, actually serves as the beginning of your new level of faith!  As you play and replay this CD, it becomes clearly evident that this was not a “rush job” project, but created out of committed  time before the Lord and the reflection of a solid personal relationship.

Though live recordings are always enjoyed, as the next best thing to being there. This is something different, something special.

You see, Another Level is not only where you want to go, but where you need to be.

*Also available in DVD format

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