Music Review: Freedom by Sound of the New Breed

Sound Of The Breed - FreedomIn this world, it is rare to obtain freedom without a price, but those who accept Jesus Christ into their lives experience that elusive freedom without a cost. Sound Of The New Breed’s new album,Freedom, explores the theme of liberty in the life of a Christian. The album ceremoniously articulates freedom as a gift God showers down on His children.

Israel Houghton’s well-known New Breed has risen to new heights with the release of Freedom, as the band of psalmists Israel first introduced to the world, explores a deeper sound and spirit on their debut Praise & Worship album. Expanding on their contribution to the 2005 album Alive in South Africa,Freedom incorporates a blend of African rhythms, rock and soulful beats, thus exhibiting a new musical manifestation. Similar to earlier releases produced and featuring Israel, Freedom remains loyal to the worship and live experience very audible on this album.

Each track flows effortlessly, creating a harmonious, welcomed reverence. The group, under the direction of Israel Houghton, experienced a number of successful projects from the release of their gold-certified CD Live From Another Level to A Timeless Christmas in 2006. The release of Freedom is soon-to-be another blessed success, as the members of New Breed break more ground, lending their distinctive voices to glorifying God.

One of the unique qualities of New Breed is their purpose to not only worship God, but to break down barriers by drawing people of all races, ages and cultures together to join in the worship. Having grown up in a White family, in a Hispanic neighborhood, Israel uses his multi-cultural upbringing to influence the sound on all of his productions. Freedom features this rich cultural blend in songs such as the appropriately titled track‘Breakthrough’ The track is enriched with soft soulful melodies, while packing an important message. The song explores how one touch from the divine Father has allowed a breakthrough from doubt, fears, and pain towards happiness and joy.

Similar to Alive in South Africa, Sound Of The New Breed rarely restrains on blending amazing African rhythms on the album’s first track, ‘Arise.’ Filled with distinctive vocals, praise exhortations and tasteful lyrics, ‘Arise’transparently puts the book of Psalms into scriptural perspective. Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ is not just the act of proclaiming that one does so: lifting up the name of Jesus Christ is an embodiment of praise. Praise takes on the form of dance and manifests itself in one’s daily life.

Knowing how rare it is to truly experience true joy and freedom, Sound Of The New Breed takes us on a spiritual journey to attainable and pure freedom. Title track, ‘Freedom,’ written by Darrell Evans, energetically asserts how only God’s freedom can set us free:

“So we will walk in Your freedom
Walk in Your liberty
We will walk in Your freedom
Walk in Your liberty
We will dance in Your freedom
Dance in Your liberty
We will dance in Your freedom
Dance in Your liberty…”

Blending African beats coupled with rock and contemporary gospel, sensational stellar track ‘I Am Free’ and ‘The Freedom We Know’ creatively explores how freedom expresses itself in the lives of those who have been free from sin. The songs talk of dancing in the spirit and how miracles will take place, based on the freedom received with the acceptance of Christ in our lives.

The 10-track album features talented singers such as Danielle Stephens (who has ministered all over the world) and Jamil Whiting to name a few. These fervent singers put their ardent musical gifts to the test on tracks such as ‘Again I say Rejoice,’ ‘Made me Glad,’ and ‘Alpha and Omega.’ The songs not only reflect the artistic ability of the singers, they stir in our hearts the message of rejoicing in the spirit by overcoming a life of negativity.

Freedom is part of a special series of enjoyable, soul-filling and spiritually enhancing projects that have highlighted the musical gifts and anointing of New Breed. This spirit-led group is fulfilling a plan beyond what meets the eye: an ordained ministry that is reaching millions around the world.  Israel Houghton has produced a formidable Praise & Worship release that will surely catapult the ministry and Sound Of The New Breed to another level.

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