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Estee Bullock - 2008

INTERVIEW: Estee Bullock (2008)


Estee Bullock - 2008Minister, author and infectious personality –Estee Bullock – has released the perfect spiritual manuscript for worshippers.  The book entitled, Worship: Cause & Effect, is a blueprint on the power and impact of worship.  The easy-to-read publication is a perfect, step-by-step summary on how to invite God’s presence into a spiritual ceremony.

Recently, Estee Bullock shared with us his passion for being an intercessor for the Father and His worshipping children. Bullock revealed how worship transported him from being a keen observer of the practice to the proactive role of worship leader at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to Minister Bullock, we are all active worshippers…some of us worship God, while others worship a career, an individual or money. It’s an insightful observation captured in our one-on-one interview with Estee Bullock.

Christopher Heron:  Let’s begin with your ministry, Minister Bullock. Could you share with us your responsibility and passion for ministry that’s placed you in the coveted role of Worship Leader at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle church? Tell us a little about your anointed calling and how it’s shaped and developed your ministry and your life as an appointed minister. 

Estee Bullock:  As a child, I was heavily influenced by church and the roles people played at my local assembly at the time.  Although the Ushers and Deacons looked well put together in their uniforms each Sunday, I gravitated towards the music ministry.  I knew at that time that I would not remain in the pew and that there was something in me that was parallel to what I saw and heard. 

As time progressed and I grew older, others like my Pastor, nowBishop Hezekiah Walker also saw something in me that was worthy of being appointed to Lead in Worship at our church.  Truthfully, I have not accepted the title of “Minister”.  There is a majority that says I’m living in denial, but I need to be certain without a shadow of doubt that God has called me to such a sensitive responsibility.  Yes I have trained and attended secular as well as Bible school, but my developing came mostly through experience and revelation.

CH:  Worship is such an intimate experience shared with God.  As a worship leader, you’re given the challenging task of expanding the worship experience so that others, whether family, friends or total strangers, can also experience the presence and glory of God, together.  As a minister of worship, how do you broaden the worship experience, so that this intimate spiritual encounter is shared by others? 

EB:  Preparing for Worship Services entails making a connection in the place and with the people you’re leading.  I work in several capacities at my church which allows me to fellowship and get to know the heart of the people.  Because I lead, most times I get divine instructions from the Shepherd of the “House” (the Pastor) which is also essential to leading effectively. 

The other thing is that in leading Worship you must have the ability to pray and lead at the same time to discern the atmosphere for those that you don’t share commonality with.  These few practices cause things and people to get on one accord in the Worship service and leave affected.

CH:  Many of our readers do not know that you nurtured and developed your spiritual gifts under the tutelage of Pastor Hezekiah Walker.  What is the impact Pastor Hez has had on your life and ministry?

EB:  I have been totally impacted by his (Bishop Walker’s) ministry.  We’re talking over 10 years of Do’s and Don’ts.  Many people only know him as “Hez” the singer and choir director, but there is much more to the man than meets the media.  He is Ephesians 4:11 all wrapped up in one man.  Being under his leadership and guidance has caused my own ministry to surface. The rest is God!

CH:  So many of today’s pastors, evangelists and ministers have forgotten the importance of prioritizing ministry. Could you share with us the urgency of witnessing first to one’s family even before the body of Christ or non-believers?

EB:  1 Corinthians 7 Apostle Paul breaks down how to balance your Marriage and Service for the Lord.  What I love most is that he makes it clear that he is only suggesting what will cause both areas to be effective and safe from distractions.  It’s a daily learning process for my home and my ministry.  Include the people you love in the things you love, even when their passion isn’t as strong as yours!

CH:  Let’s talk about your book – Worship: Cause & Effect.  Where did the inspiration and vision for this book and title come from? And how did you approach this kind of ministry – the written word – versus other ministries you’ve tackled?

EB:  As a Worship Leader I have facilitated seminars and received responses from the participants that made me realize that people in different walks of life have similar, if not the same questions about worship; Questions about what it is, what it does, and how to do it.  I have been a songwriter since my early teenage years, but never took on the challenge of writing a book until now.  I waited for divine instruction from God to do it and from the responses I’ve received, I am glad that I waited and obeyed.  The topic of Worship, what causes we have to do it and the effects of what and who we worship is needed today.  People are giving everything else 90% and God 10%, but looking for a hundred fold manifestation in their lives.  It doesn’t work that way.  He only asks for 10%, but He deserves our total offering.

CH:  Worship as become a dominant theme and emphasis in Contemporary churches, particularly in the Urban Worship experience.  Why do you believe worship has become such a focal point today, whether in the services of churches or in the songs of today’s psalmists?

EB:  While I believe that Worship songs come from the heart and that’s what makes the experience of playing and singing these songs so effective today.  I am very concerned that people don’t make Worship music a fad, because we all know that fads fade out.  It would be horrible for peoples’ Worship to fade out with the music.  Remember how we loved Hymns, and then it became Gospel music and songs.  Then we embraced Contemporary Gospel and Contemporary Christian music.  Now there is Worship and Praise!  I know, I know… “the message is still the same”.  I am nobody’s traditionalist, but we’re headed straight for Techno Gospel if we’re not careful and Pastors and Leaders will have to comply due to a history of compliance.  I’ll stop there because I could go on for pages…

CH:  Finally Minister Bullock, what is the underlying message you want to leave with the reader once the final page of Worship is read?

EB:  Understand that we all worship something, and that your life represents and produces what you give your time, energy, money to.  If your life doesn’t exude God and you feel as if you are producing less than what He established for us in His word, than your Worship, your lifestyle is in need of change.  And this message is for the Leader, the congregate, and the visitor!

For more information on Estee Bullock and to purchase the new book, visit www.esteebullock.org. You can contact the author at 

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