BIO: Aloa Harris (2009)

A native of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, Aloa migrated to the United States as a child. Early on, it was the church that gave a foundation and platform for this artist to develop into a unique vocalist. Aloa’s expertise of harmonies, melodies and vocal arrangements, would soon be requested by various churches, choirs, chorals and numerous recording artists via studio sessions, concerts and workshops.

In a time where some contemporary artists compete for a top ten hit, race to out-sing the other, and sometimes focus on image, Aloa delivers an accomplished vocal performance that is pure, natural and clearly a gift from God, all while remaining focused on her purpose to serve Him.

In January 2005, Aloa, who is also a dynamic speaker, received a certificate in Christian Ministry from Hope International University, which plays an integral role in the joint music ministry with her husband and artist/producer “rod” in an effort to share the Gospel globally (Matthew 28:19-20).

International Music Award winning artist Aloa Harris returns with the much-anticipated follow up to her 2006 debut album “By The Book” with “Portraits From A Storm”, combining smooth jazz, a throwback of 70’s grooves and rich vocals that is today called Neo-Soul. Aloa gives us hope that there are still artist around (just like back in the day) when you can enjoy an album from beginning to end, along with a ministry of encouraging words for those facing their own storms of life. Once again, this project was written and produced by Aloa’s husband/artist “rod”. “Portraits From A Storm” is a beautifully crafted, most vulnerable and highly personal piece of work that is centered 

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