Music Review: Law Of Confession, Part 1 by Donald Lawrence & Company

Donald Lawrence & Company - Law Of Confession, Part 1Each selection is an emotional sermon poetically detailing God’s perfect will, all while definitely remaining true to a familiar sound commonly identified as Gospel; sadly enough, so many modern day artists are neglecting to infuse this brand of blessed melody.The music prodigy and prolific composer has done it yet once again!  The Law of Confession, Part I is certainly the next in line for accreditation as a masterpiece and ministerial instrument that details the law of God through effortless lyrical confessions penned at the hands of Donald Lawrence! Just listening to song after song, the experience can be likened to an epiphany that’s nothing short of spiritual intoxication.

Fortunately, Lawrence is contemporary enough to provide a hint of modern soul inviting none other than Angie Stone, in the urban contemporary friendly “Happy Being Me”. This song may very well score favorably among our African American ‘sisters’ in search of inner strength and spirituality! Bold move and intriguing way to go for a vanguard like Donald!

The Law Of Confession stands alongside former album successes with strong inspirational songs that basically serve as sequels and reprises to his previous compositions like “Encourage Yourself, Bless Me” and “The Blessing is on You”, The Blessing of Abraham” (a revised version).

Lawrence is certainly a Gospel music giant by virtue of not only being a child of God, but by his special anointing as a gifted and spirited composer and artist. His works on the Law Of Confessions is enhanced and refined by the contributions of his vocal cavalry; psalmists like Kim McFarland, who’s earned her veritable reputation within Gospel music from previous recordings with Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago and the Thompson Community Singers.

The album also features and includes Gospel poet and preacher, Brother Hahz who takes listeners on a fun-filled, jubilant experience soaked with praise on the track, “Let the Word do The Work”. Lawrence also performs a song written and contributed by one of his musical mentors, the legendary Richard Smallwood in the delightful “I’ve Got Something” that reaffirms the touch of class, so symbolic of former standards by Minister Smallwood.

As a new release, listening to The Law Of Confession is and promises to be more than just a sensory buzz for your listening pleasure. Confessions offers up a timely message captured in the sacred scriptures about a divine order that governs the earth under our feet, the heavens above and the sea below. The Law of Confession reminds us that we are saved by His infinite grace and blessed by His abundant love. The Law Of Confession is a humble poetic, orchestrated sermonette that tells the emblematic tale of transparency, confession, forgiveness and redemption.

Donald Lawrence once again synthesizes his moral admission with signature Lawrencemusical composition…a feat few artists can achieve with such style and wonder.  The album will undoubtedly nurture your anticipation for Part II of The Law of Confession, and will most surely earn your trip to your favorite local Christian music store this week!  

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