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Myron Butler - Worship

BIO: Myron Butler – Worship (2012)


Myron Butler - WorshipAs the founder and creative force behind the ensemble Myron Butler & Levi, Myron Butler developed a reputation as an artist unafraid to push the creative envelope in a marketplace defined by tradition. Best known for their dynamic stage presence and energetic hits, including “Set Me Free” and “Stronger,” the group established a loyal audience and quickly carved a niche among the most celebrated vocal ensembles of the last decade.

With Worship, Myron Butler, the critically and commercially acclaimed ensemble leader, songwriter, producer, and vocalist, now reveals the role for which he was born—worship leader.  The 11-song project, recorded live at Irving Bible Church in Myron’s home state of Texas, paints the most intimate portrait to date of an artist who has never been afraid to change.

“Albums are snapshots of where an artist is at a given time,” Myron shares. “From my first release, Set Me Free (2005), I came here already with a huge chest full of experiences and opportunities. So for me, the process was taking those life, business, and ministry lessons and trying to funnel them into a musical presentation.  This album is a continuation of who I am, evolving, growing, and translating life experiences into music.”

More than his previous releases, Worship is reflective of Myron’s experience as Minister of Music at The Potter’s House, where he has served for the past four years under the founder and Senior Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes.  There Myron leads a congregation of more than 30,000 members into worship each week. That leadership role greatly informed the production process of this very special recording.

To fully realize his vision, Myron assembled a 30-member choir and gathered several of the most accomplished worship leaders across the nation, including Tasha Cobbs and Blanche McAllister-Dykes.  “Their names and voices are familiar to people in the gospel music community,” Myron says, “but they also are in leadership positions at their respective churches. I thought I could pull on not just their musical abilities and voices but also their abilities to lead.”

In fact, Myron’s primary goal in creating this collection of songs was to lead both live audiences and album listeners into an atmosphere of worship. He explains, “Our rehearsals were not just focused on the songs, but we worshipped.  We focused on certain bible scriptures, testimonies, and prayer requests.  I told the singers, ‘The night of the recording I don’t want to just flip a switch and we worship. I want it to be an outpouring of what we’ve already done.’”

Their meticulous preparation is apparent in the spirit of the songs throughout the project.  Key moments include the meditative ballad “Changed,” the sweeping worship anthem “Not My Own,” and the dynamic chorus “Bless The Lord.”

In addition to the live segment of the project, Myron stepped into the studio to cut two new studio compositions: “Dwell Here” and “I Honor You as My King.”

“Dwell Here” is an up-tempo, feel-good invitation to God. “With that song, we are asking God to manifest His presence, His glory wherever we are,” says Myron.  “A lot of times we limit that to the church house, but if you’re having a bad experience at work it’s OK to say, ‘God dwell here in this cubicle.’”

“I Honor You as My King” showcases Myron’s arrangement and production expertise at its best. Inspired by the 18th century public domain work, “Come Thou Fount,” the song strikes the perfect mid-ground between contemporary Christian and straight-ahead gospel.  “Our generation has kind of lost touch with hymns,” Myron says. “From singers to musicians, everybody today can out-riff the next person, but our foundation in music will always be the hymns.”

As a bonus offering, Myron made the bold choice to reissue “Speak,” a song from his critically acclaimed 2009 release Revealed.  The contemporary church anthem, an audience favorite at Myron’s ministry appearances, fit so well with the vision of the new project that he felt compelled to present it again.

Whether on Sunday morning, in studio, in concert, or merely in rehearsal, Myron’s heart for people and his passion for God are apparent throughout his ministry.  This powerful project is the perfect snapshot of this moment in his life. Myron Butler is ready to Worship   

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