The Rance Allen Group Debuting Movie Trailer and New Album, “Amazing Grace”, in Stores November 24, 2012

The Rance Allen Group - Amazing GraceFor over 40 years, the Rance Allen Group has crossed many boundaries, influenced countless artists and made musical history with their lives and music.

In celebration of their life and career, Tyscot Music & Entertainment presents Amazing Grace, an audio and visual collection that showcases their music from the past 4 decades.  In addition to classic hits, Amazing Grace also features 5 Brand-new songs including an unforgettable cover of the world-renowned hymn, Amazing Grace.

The visual collection includes the never-before-seen Rance Allen Group documentary Music Majors, featuring rare interviews with Kirk Franklin, James Fortune, Isaac Caree, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Keith ”Wonderboy” Johnson, Paul Porter and more. These phenomenal artists came together to express their love for The Rance Allen Group and how they influenced their lives and music.

The documentary takes fans on a journey through the life of Rance, Tom and Steve Allen from their early days in Monroe, OH to becoming Grammy Award nominees and performing on BET’s Celebration of Gospel.

On, Friday, October 5th, Tyscot Music & Entertainment will debut the trailer of The Rance Allen Group documentary Music Majors on the Tyscot website. The debut will be a virtual event allowing viewers the opportunity to share their comments about the group and the documentary.

Fans who leave a comment along with a special code (that indicates how they learned about the Trailer) could qualify to win a prize. The premiere is currently being promoted digitally via Tyscot’s social networks and various e-blast services. The codes will be revealed in the eBlasts that are being distributed.

The Rance Allen Group’s new project, Amazing Grace, will be available in stores and online November 27th.


 Check out the documentary below from Tyscot Records.
Will you be getting this historical CD/DVD when it drops on November 27th?

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