Musical Review: Myron Butler – Worship

Myron Butler - Worship

Myron Butler is destined to be a star. I’ve said it. You can quote me on it. He possesses that inexplicable quality that separates anointed figures in Gospel music from mere talented artists. He’s a triple threat…soulful singer, accomplished songwriter and minister-extraordinaire.

From his days as a primary member of God’s Propertyto his current role as Minister of Music for T.D. Jakes’ Potter’s House Ministries, Myron Butler has always brought the praise service to another plateau. It’s surprising to me why Myron still hasn’t emerged as a unanimous favorite and A-list artist in Gospel music…but his time may be now, with the release of his fourth and most-assured album to date entitled, Worship

The album jumps off to a jubilant start with We Bless Your Name, a captivating chorus of a song that will have you dancing from dawn to dusk. I just love it when an album gets off on the right foot with fervent praise unto the Lord. It sets the spiritual compass which point in one direction…to Jesus Christ.

Track 2, the first single off the album - Bless The Lord - is a definitive hit song bringing heat and hallelujah praise in perfect synchronicity. Myron shows his heavy heart for worship and his soulful touch as a soloist like few of his contemporaries. It’s easy to discern why Butler occupies the role as T.D. Jakes’ ‘Levite’. Myron knows exactly how to usher in the presence of God through praise.  The song simply delights in giving honor and glory to the God above, as the chorus utters over and over again, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me…”

The album continues down its divine path with another melodic offering called, Not My Own, featuring Myron Butler and worship psalmist and Georgia native, Tasha Cobbs, the newest addition to the EMI Music family. This song is nothing less than praise personified, as Butler and Cobbs show their predilection for uninhibited praise.  Both vocalists possess an indisputable tone for worship that is miraculously captured on compact disc for the listening pleasure of the CD owner. What exceptional music! What an overwhelming ministry!

Reverence overshadows the next selection – Changed - as Myron Butler and his capable vocal accompaniment quietly serenades a plea to God, over soft ivory keys, to bring necessary change once the last note is sung. On Holy OneButlersurrenders the mike to the familiar vocals of Blanche McAllister-Dykes, a voice frequently featured on former recordings by Donald Lawrence. The result is a steady flow of music and awe-inspiring praise unto God.

All For You is a powerful praise anthem at a breathtaking pace, pushing the musical and ministerial envelope for those who like their worship served up at alarmingly swift pace. The song will resonate and rekindle memories with those already acquainted with Stellar Award nominee Preashea Hilliard and her indie album,Live Out Loud.

Listeners will be able to catch their breath on the next song, You Alone Are God, a solemn selection that speaks to the infinite One “…who was and is to come…” Hosanna is exalted and praise is offered in humble adoration…a lovely little tribute to the Savior.

For those acquainted with Myron Butler, one of the first impressions this likeable fellow will leave with you is his infectious energy. A small dose of Butler’s intensity is found on selections he’s written, like on I Honor You, a feel-good, fun-loving affirmative track paying homage to the Rock of Ages…it will have you rocking like a believer who’s been blessed. Myron adds more fuel to the fire on Dwell Here, another hyped and holy praise anthem to the King of Glory.  The Blood Of Jesuswraps up the album as a fitting benediction, with earnest praise and a message of victory through the blood that was shed on Calvary.

Speak, is actu

Nevertheless, I speak words of encouragement, success and prosperity into the life of Myron Butler…a major talent whose day has come, by the grace of God. Without a shadow of a doubt, this man’s ministry and music is well deserving of national and international attention beyond anything he’s experienced to date.  ally the final song of this Worship album; however, as a previously released re

cording from his third project, Revealed…Live In Dallas, it’s an unnecessary addition to an already complete album.

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