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Tre Nelson

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Tre Nelson #BGArtistSpotlight

Tre Nelson
Tre Nelson

One listen to a Tre Nelson song and listeners everywhere understand that he’s bringing something new to the musical table.  It’s also quite clear that he is a gifted young man.  Skilled vocally backed with an urban musical vibe targeted to today’s youth, he’s on a mission to save this lost generation.  The Dallas-based Urban Contemporary Gospel Artist is carving a niche for himself in today’s sacred musical landscape.  His debut release, Not Ashamed, garnered massive attention on social media.  Now the artist is taking his brand of Gospel/R&B, as he calls it, and prepping the 2015 sophomore release entitled Parachute.  The first song to hit the airwaves from the new release is the captivating and inspiring tune, “Brave”.


The new tune is pure encouragement and finds the artist and songwriter speaking on issues of abandonment and generational curses, all in a way that’s palatable to this generation.  He got the idea to provide something different to new Christians after his own conversion.


He says, “For those in my generation who give their lives to Christ and have been listening to artists like Rihanna, Chris Brown or Nicki Minaj, what do they now listen to once they’ve surrendered their lives to the Lord?  My goal is to provide a Christian alternative to the secular music out there.  It contains the same type of sounds, but with an inspirational or biblical message.”


The more contemporary approach is a surprise considering that Nelson is the son of two worship leaders.  Growing up in church, he was accustomed to more traditional approaches when it came to Gospel music.  But when he went to college, he was exposed to urban styles and took to the slick production and modern instrumentation.  It was that experience that spurred him to create his own brand of Christian music.


Tre Nelson
Tre Nelson

So far, it’s been quite successful.  His debut release, Not Ashamed, received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and thousands of downloads on iTunes.  Gaining a strong fan base, Nelson is bottling his current success and pouring it into his upcoming release.  Songs like “I’m Going Home” about a man who decides to go home instead of succumbing to sexual temptation and “Life Of The Party”, a danceable track about celebrating life here and in Heaven, are unforgettable.  Radio-friendly and well-penned, Tre takes real-life situations and brings motivation to them through his songs.


His heart for those who are broken or in need has inspired him to volunteer his time for organizations such as Junior Achievement, Integrity Mentors and The Barack Obama Leadership Academy.  These opportunities have given him a chance to give back and are just an extension of his music ministry.  For Tre, it’s not about making hit records – although he has a number of them on Parachute – but it’s all about sharing a message.  He says, “My album’s unique R&B / pop style combines with an uncompromising message that points people toward Christ. I hope that this project blesses people all over the world.” 


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