MUSIC REVIEW: The Best of Donald Lawrence & Company

Legendary artist Donald Lawrence releases The Best of Donald Lawrence & Co. on March 11, 2014.  The cd features songs from the albums I Speak Life, Law of Confession, Part I, and Your Righteous Mind.

The I Speak Life third of the cd begins with the feel-good song Healed, which explains that through all of the circumstances, scars, and disappointments, Donald Lawrence is healed.  Next up is the funky song of faith You Covered Me featuring Hezekiah Walker, detailing hopeless situations overcame through the protection the Lord.  I Speak Life featuring Donnie McClurkin continues with the disbursement of positive sentiments on this ballad.  With muted horns wailing, keys tinkling, and bass rolling, the track Miracle featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong satisfies the musical palate.  The final track from the I Speak Life portion of the compilation is Miracles introducing The Murrills, and it is also a funky song promising that the future only gets better.

The Law of Confession portion of the album begins with the title track getting the head bobbing through powerful music and vamps of scripture.  Second up is the hit groove Back II Eden, where the story of the Garden of Eden is quickly sang and followed up with motivational chants. Walking through the Bible’s scriptures in an awesomely clever manner atop orchestral strings and horns is what the eighth song The Word Of The Lord accomplishes.  There Is A King In You gently reminds the listener to be wary of their actions, and to stay positive despite seemingly insurmountable odds because there is a King in them.  Powerfully encouraging listeners to constantly move forward and build kingdoms, is the mission of Donald Lawrence on The Blessing Of Abraham.

More powerful scriptures and foot-stomping beats are on first and title song named Your Righteous Mind featuring Dorinda Clark Cole, from the Your Righteous Mind third of the compilation.  Donald Lawrence & Co. concisely explain on the track Spiritual that we are spiritual beings living in the natural world.  On We Agree featuring Israel Houghton, it is agreed that through the kingdom of God, things will change for the better on Earth.  From God’s perspective, Lawrence insists that He will restore the years we’ve sown in tears on Restoring The Years.  The Final song The I Am Factor explains that what we decree by saying I am will be answered in heaven.


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