MUSIC REVIEW: Ethan Kent – Work In Progress

I would need quadruple the space to give Ethan Kent’s debut album Work In Progress its just due, but I don’t so I’ll just do this.

The first song W.O.R.K. ft. Marcell Tennyson is a crisp track with the stunning lyrics of “If everyone  could have this mindset/Build upon this concept/The church could be an asset/More than a religious outfit” driving the message.

The throbbing track yet calm vocal deliveries give a unique anthem-like feel to the second song Work In Progress ft.  Mark Mock.

Track three, Lecture featuring Chanese Jones & Will Sanders is more like great advice.

Explosive from its onset is the piano driven song of hope, track four, titled Cast Away.



The fifth track, People featuring Lauren Lee has a swing-era vibe to it and questions people why they are into the church.

Kicking is track six, Trustin’ where Ethan Kent expresses the imperfections of persons of all walks of life and declares that’s why he trusts in the Lord only.

The Name Of The Lord, song seven, comes full circle with the jazzy horns, fun keys, and exciting bass, as it reinforces the previous song by stating that Kent’s trust lies in the name of the Lord.

Title eight, Good To Me contains haunting melodies and is a heartfelt account of how good Jesus has been to Ethan Kent.

Wonderfully humble is track nine, Take This Pride, where Kent expresses how he doesn’t want the prideful things in life.

In song number ten, Human Tendencies, human tendencies are the topic and again Kent points out peoples’ lack of dependability, suggesting trusting in the Lord only.

The limits of the Father’s love are expressed in song eleven titled Your Love, and those limits are wide, deep, and far.

Beautifully executed is the ballad Always Be Around which is the twelfth song and will leave the listener on cloud nine.

Tune thirteen, Bring Us To Our Knees emphatically and fantastically begs of the Lord to awaken the souls of men and women!

My Hope Is In Glory is track fourteen and is simply a magnanimous groove featuring a cast of phenomenal artists!

An ode to a marriage worthy queen is title fifteen, I Found Her, which also musically expresses the joy of the lyrics.

Will You Marry Me, song fifteen, is the perfect follow-up to I Found Her.

The final song is an uptempo remix of the second song, featuring Derrick Lewis & Marcel Tennyson.

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