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Ricky Dillard - Amazing
Ricky Dillard - Amazing

MUSIC REVIEW: Ricky Dillard & New G – Amazing

We should have known with the performance at this year’s Stellar Awards that Ricky Dillard & New G’s single and album Amazing would be just that, and believe it doesn’t disappoint.

Over the years Ricky Dillard has been featured around the world, sharing his ministry of music in ways that other artists will never experience. The new project AMAZING that releases on Tues. June 10th begins with the answer to the question many may have wondered: How has Ricky Dillard been able to remain relevant over the past 25 years. His answer? “Grace.” And each selection on the project mirrors that answers, allowing the listener to know exactly what it’s going to take in order to benefit from God’s loving kindness.

Whether it is a track like EVERYTHING that reminds us that without God we are nothing or the single HIGHER that says “where I am now is way too small for what the Lord has promised me,” this album carries the theme that when it comes to God nothing is impossible.

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That grace that Ricky mentions is what has sustained him, and the great thing is that same grace is available for each one of us, if we avail ourselves of it.

Another stand-out is the single ALWAYS THERE which reminds us that as we go through the storm and through the rain and the trials and pain God is always there, looking after his people.  And then there is the title track AMAZING that reminds us that God is the Creator of everything and worthy of our praise and reverence.

Maybe we won’t be an international Gospel recording artist or be known around the world for the gift that God has given us. That doesn’t matter. What is important—and Ricky Dillard and New G share this—is that we use whatever gift and talent we have been blessed with to the fullest, never knowing how were where He will choose to use us.

Yes, Ricky Dillard & New G’s album AMAZING is simply that—and it’s all because it keeps the focus where it needs to be: on recognizing the glory and awesomeness of God.


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