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Sheri Jones-Moffett - Power & Authority - Live In Memphis

Music Review: Sheri Jones-Moffett – Power & Authority (Live In Memphis)

On her latest album Power & Authority (Live in Memphis),  gospel powerhouse Sheri Jones-Moffett delivers an uplifting live album.  The songs from the album focus on God’s ‘wonderworking power’ in addition to the importance and power of faith itself.  Regardless of which of the eleven tracks one listens to, each provides a prudent message that’s applicable to real.

“Keys to the Kingdom” opens Power & Authority electrifyingly, sporting a mean groove and funky horns.  Choral vocals do a magnificent job of supporting Moffett-Jones’ commanding lead.  Featuring notable lyrics throughout, among the most memorable are “You don’t have to be a rich man / to reach the city / you don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer, to reach the King’s domain.” “There Is No Failure” follows “Keys” soundly.  Easy-going initially, “There Is No Failure” grows into something grander, a trend that characterizing much of Power & Authority. The message may be simplistic, but its accessibility and encouraging quality is perfect for listeners of all walks and ages: “There is no failure in God.” Enthusiastic production continues to propel the LP, continually showcased on “Shine”.  Moffett-Jones adds a touch of old school on the jazzy cut, recalling spiritual “This Little Light Of Mine”.

As much as “Shine” exemplifies its title,  “Wash Me” takes things to another level.  Evolving from a slow, reverent start with piano and vocal, “Wash Me” transforms into a full-fledged, six-eight juggernaut.  Jones-Moffett digs in, particularly during the vamping section.  “Power” also begins easygoing, but like “Shine” becomes chocked-full of emotion and the Holy Spirit.  “Power” is well done, though it doesn’t supersede the best.  “Grace of God” is preceded with an intro (“Grace of God (Intro)”) in which Jones-Moffett uses personal examples to convey her ministerial message.  It is the perfect segue to the epic cut, which clocks in at just over nine minutes.  With length being unimportant, the content of “Grace of God” is what truly strikes the listener.  A musical testimony of sorts, “Grace of God” provides perspective of how great the Most High is.

“Discovering” proves to be a pleasant surprise, giving the set a worthwhile, anthem-like gospel cut.  It’s contemporary, but doesn’t overdo it or off-put.  Essentially, “Discovering” is a song about the Christian, now matter where they lie in their ‘walk with Christ’ continually “discovering” God’s goodness and mercy.  The final three cuts are all solid and meaningful as well, if not the best of the best.  A highlighting facet of “Might God” is lyric “he lives in me”, while for penultimate cut “Just Because”, the takeaway is to “be grateful”.  Wise closer “Faith To Believe” illustrates the immense power of faith.

All in all, Power & Authority suits its purpose – ministering God’s awesomeness through a gospel music.  Sure, Jones-Moffett doesn’t reinvent gospel on this affair, but she confirms just how powerful and influential that ministry through music is.  If the album accomplishes nothing else, it certain conveys the importance of God to every facet of life.


Recommended Single: “Grace of God”


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