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Brian Courtney Wilson - 2015
Brian Courtney Wilson

Brian Courtney Wilson talks family, influences & “Worth Fighting For”. | @BCourtneyWilson #WorthFightingFor

In a very short span of time, Brian Courtney Wilson has emerged as one of the brightest new vocalists in Gospel music, ever since his breakout single, Already Here, gained traction across the country. Earning legitimate comparisons to another Chicago native – Donny Hathaway – Brian possesses the soulful and sanctified vocals of a man born and raised in the pews of an all-Black church. Every word, every note is heavy in emotion and tone.

Brian Courtney Wilson - 2015
Brian Courtney Wilson


Fast forward to 2015. Brian Courtney Wilson is now in a new lane with a new label and a new live album entitled, Worth Fighting For. The title track personifies the faith-based message of pushing forward and keeping on when some days seem the hardest and trusting that God will fight on our behalf and never leave us hanging.

There’s a lot to like about Brian Courtney Wilson. He’s a proud family man with a beautiful family that’s supportive. He’s an old soul that connects well with audiences through his contagious smile and silky smooth vocals and he’s a genuinely good guy in the recording business. BlackGospel.com enjoyed its recent exchange with Brian. The conversation touched on his rollercoaster music career that’s taking many of his musical fans on a fun-loving ride. 
Christopher Heron: Brian, I’m curious to know a bit about your musical influences, for instance, who are a few of your favorite male vocalists of  all time, voices that you love hearing or patterned yourself after
Brian Courtney Wilson: Fred Hammond would be on that list for sure. Marvin Winans, definitively. Donny Hathaway, a definitive voice. I think what I like about all three of them is that they drip sincerity. You just believe what they were saying.
Christopher Heron: Ok, tell me a few of your favorite churches in America.

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Brian Courtney Wilson: One, is here in Houston, Texas. St John’s United Methodist Church. Pastor Rudy Rasmus is the senior pastor. Windsor Village United Methodist Church is another one that I love working at and working with. Let’s see. There’s the City Of Love Church in New Orleans with Pastor Lester Love that I love to go to. Let me see, who else, there’s my friend Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., great guy, man I love his church, they love singers there, when you come there and you play they know how to appreciate, so I love going there. And there are countless others. I am almost fearful of the question because I don’t want to leave anybody out. It’s just countless churches that open their doors for me.

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