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Tasha Cobbs - 2015
Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs talks about One Place Live, lessons learned & balance. | @TashaCobbs

The meteoric rise of Tasha Cobbs is a remarkable story in Gospel. Tasha’s national debut album – Grace– catapulted her into pop culture seemingly overnight. Every worship team, ever female vocalist in America tried their hand with the song Tasha popularized, Break Every Chain. It’s an implausible story made more incredible by how quickly it all transpired.

After all, swift success in the music industry is a rare phenomenon. Her contemporaries –  Kirk FranklinMary Mary and Smokie Norful – are part of that small class of artists Tasha belongs to, whose debut albums changed the trajectory of their careers and made each of them trendsetters and innovators in Christian music.  The profound impact of Grace also garnered Cobbs critical acclaim in the industry, earning her Grammy, Stellar and Dove awards, further propelling her status as one to watch.
Fast foward to 2015. Tasha Cobbs releases her highly anticipated sophomore project on Motown Gospel entitled, One Place Live, the follow-up to Grace, an album that’s  seeped in songs earmarked for praise & worship. The expectation is high this time around and Tasha Cobbs appears to be ready to respond.  In our latest conversation with the ‘Princess of Praise’, Tasha shares her feelings about singing her signature song and artists she wishes she could collaborate with in the future.
Christopher Heron: Okay Tasha, let’s start with the song that has defined and characterized your career and ministry: “Break Every Chain.” After all these years of singing that song, are there any lessons learned about the power of one song, and are you ready to retire it with the release of your new album, One Place Live?

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