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Tina Campbell - 2015
Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell talks marriage, music and faith. | @IamTinaCampbell

On the surface, recording artist, author and reality star, Tina Campbell, appeared to have it all. Fame, fortune and a big, beautiful family was her personal experience. It was the coveted life of a faithful Christian woman from California. Then, suddenly, without notice, everything nearly fell apart. 

In 2013, Tina‘s life became tabloid fodder, as she disclosed to the world how infidelity by her husband, recording artist, producer and famed musician – Teddy Campbell – had nearly destroyed her cherished family and fancied life. It was incentive enough to take a break and find time for her husband and five children. This dreadful experience for any partner was also a defining moment for Tina, a starting point of a pilgrimage back to peace, love and a formidable family.
Tina Campbell - 2015
Tina Campbell


Tina Campbell captured every emotion from that unreal ordeal, transformed every sentiment into a testimony she could share and channelled every bit of energy into a dazzling debut project aptly entitled, It’s Personal. Now, two years removed from a reality too real to deal with at the time, Tina is in a better place both personally and professionally. Her marriage to Teddy is more meaningful than ever before, her faith has found a voice that extends beyond singing and her life is now filled with love instead of hate. The firey Tina Campbell put all her cards on the table in a very transparent conversation captured by BlackGospel.com.

Christopher Heron: I’d like to begin by asking you about your likes and preferences, for instance where is your favorite vacation spot in the whole wide world? 
Tina Campbell: I don’t know if I could accurately answer that question but I will say my consistent vacation city is Maui in Hawaii. I love it in Maui. Hawaii is beautiful. I like it because you get a little bit of big city life but you also get a lot of natives, which is extremely beautiful. It’s quiet and serene and that’s not the environment that I am in on a regular basis so I love going to Maui. 
Christopher Heron: Since you are so fashion forward, what’s your favorite brand or accessory?
Tina Campbell: What’s funny is that I am not into brands like that. I don’t have any particular go-to names or whatever. If I go to a store I just get what I like.  I don’t care if it cost $25 or $2500 or $250, if I really want it I’ll get it. I am not wasteful. I’m not designer crave. I just get what I like. It might be something that’s cheap and common or it might be something that’s pretty exquisite and hard to find. 
Christopher Heron: And finally, did you have a nickname or pet name that your family called you or a name that you were known by in school? 

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