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Jason Nelson talks Jesus Revealed, prioritizing & millennials. | @PastorJNelson

Jason Nelson is a bona fide triple threat for the Kingdom of God. As the bishop of the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, Jason pastors a highly successful, thriving church ministry in Randallstown, MD.

As a songwriter, Jason has penned some of the most beautiful ballads like the title track to Marvin Sapp‘s platinum selling album, Thirsty and his own Stellar award winning album, Shifting The Atmosphere.
Finally, Jason has emerged as one of the most beloved and bewildering vocalists in Gospel music today. His jolting riffs and powerful leads commonly captivate listeners into a prayerful, prostrate position. BlackGospel.com squeezed in a quick few minutes with Jason Nelson about his chart-topping album, Jesus Revealed, prioritizing a hectic schedule and explaining who Jesus to the millennial generation.
Christopher Heron: So Pastor Nelson, I want to begin by getting to know a little bit more about the colorful personality that your are both from the pulpit and the stage.
Jason Nelson: Did you say “colorful”? I like that.
Christopher Heron: Most pastors are colorful people. I’m curious to know where are your favorite spots to eat at in the DMV.
Jason Nelson: Favorite eating spots….I love Capital Grill. I don’t get there as often as I’d like to but I love Capital Grill and, this may seem basic but I eat at Cheesecake Factory a lot.
Christopher Heron: You’re not the first artist to say that.
Jason Nelson - 2015
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson: They have such a variety on their menu and most of the stuff is really good! So whatever taste you have, you can pretty much satisfy it at the Cheesecake Factory. One more. My number one spot is Chick Fillet, believe it or not.
Christopher Heron: Chick Fillet? Wow. Okay. So when Jason has time for himself, what’s your favorite hobby, an activity that you like to do when you want to be good to Jason Nelson.
Jason Nelson: When I want to be good to Jason Nelson (laughs) I love going to movies. It’s a place where you can hide. You can unwind. It’s two hours where you can kind of just veg out and let somebody tell you a story. Other than that, if I really want to be good to Jason, I’ll go to Vegas to hang out.
Christopher Heron: (laughs) Okay, I’m going to leave that alone.
Jason Nelson: (laughs) I don’t go to gamble. I just love the city. I love all the stuff that happens there. You know what I mean? There’s always something going on. You can get a great show, great food and meet great people. I like to watch when I get in those kind of environments. That kind of stuff is entertaining. You could sit on a stoop and watch people for hours and be completely entertained.
Christopher Heron: It’s very true. Let’s go back in time. Growing up as kids, did you and yor brother Jonathan have nicknames and why were you tagged with those names?

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