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Denise Renee - 2015
Denise Renee - 2015

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Denise Renee #BGArtistSpotlight

Denise Renee is a skilled and seasoned vocalist from New Haven, CT who has enjoyed a remarkable singing career sharing the stage and recording booth with award winning artists like Alicia Keys, Mary Mary and Quincy Jones, just to name a few.  Denise‘s gift for singing was honed at an early age, like so many other blessed Black women…in the trusted church stage.

After an illustrious career on the road, supporting so many A-list artists with her vocal gifts, as a background vocalist, Denise has finally awakened to live out her ultimate dream as a recording artist. The dazzling debut release entitled, Awakened, is a brand new album more akin to a veteran project than an apprentice at work.
The slick production and integrated songs make this release a wonderful surprise for the autumn season. Denise sat down with BlackGospel.com to share her testimony on a fascinating life that has brought her from the sidelines to the center stage for God’s glory. 
Denise Renee - 2015
Denise Renee
Christopher Heron: Let’s start with your career. You had an opportunity of a lifetime to be a background vocalist for multiple Grammy award winner Alicia Keys. Tell me three things that you learned about business and being an artist working with her. 
Denise Renee: The first thing that comes to mind is integrity.  I watched Alicia Keys and saw her operate on and off the stage and how she interacted with people and fans. I learned to always take time for your supporters and fans. She was definitely an intelligent, hard worker and very diligent at what she does and very sweet about it. So that’s something that I have learned, integrity and kindness.
The other skills that I have learned is to create a picture for your listeners, storytelling. I’d watch her, John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Wonder, seeing them in their element and how they tell the story through songs. It was really about connecting with the audience. That’s something that I’ve also learned, just creating a story for your listeners and engaging them.

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