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Canton Jones 2016
Canton Jones 2016

Canton Jones talks Preachers of Atlanta, I Am Justice and the Kingdom sound. | @thecantonjones

One of the pioneering voices in ministry of the new millennium is preacher, prolific artist and pacesetter Canton Jones. Aside from releasing a cutting edge album in 2016 called, I Am Justice, Jones is burgeoning up his ministerial brand as a colorful cast member of the hit reality series on Oxygen called, The Preachers Of Atlanta
Canton Jones 2016
Canton Jones


Christians and TV binge watchers alike get to see the unadulterated version of Pastor Canton Jones in his day-to-day role as family man, faithful husband, trailblazing evangelist and famous Christian artist in the ATL. Canton has proven to be above-the-fold with his fresh beats, modern ministry and straight talk. An open and honest conversation with Canton Jones for BlackGospel.com was both inspirational and entertaining, as he shared his purpose for signing up as cast member of the reality show, why the title, I Am Justice and having his wife manage his mega-ministry.

Christopher Heron:  Why did you decide to join the cast of The Preachers of Atlanta, knowing how your image could suffer a hit being on a reality show?
Canton Jones: Well, I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as a platform to promote the Kingdom. I saw it as a platform just like TBN and other Christian networks, just a different audience watching these shows. We saw it as a good opportunity God gave us. Everybody comes from different perspectives and so I won’t speak on the other shows. I will say that you want to play your part, do what God tells you to do. And so I didn’t base my decision to do the show off of what other people said about other people. I’m not the one negative, I did it because that’s what God told me to do. We had an awesome experience and we loved it. 
Christopher Heron: The cast includes ministers Le’Andria Johnson, Corey Hambrick, Kimberly Jones and Judah Swilley. How has that worked out? Have you acclimated to the different personalities, the different dynamics of working with these personalities?
Canton Jones: Yeah we get along. Everybody has different perspectives on everything. This year is my 15th year of marriage and as much as we had learn to agree on a lot of things, we still don’t agree on everything. No one, no matter how much they love each other is going to agree on everything. So sometimes you get in a situation where you agree on 99% of the things but let’s talk about this 1% that we don’t agree on and then everybody goes crazy because you didn’t agree on 100% of the things.
That’s why you have a show with different colorful personalities and different perspectives so that you can kind of look at the world on a bigger view and not just your own view. I learned a lot being on the show. I learned from the other preachers and other pastors. I learned a lot about where they came from and how they view certain things through their experiences and it taught me a lot. We became close, we became good friends throughout the course of what we did. 
Christopher Heron: Is there anything that you learned about ministry or about leadership, being in the company of these other pastors?

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