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Jonathan Nelson talks new label, his heart, balance & Fearless! | @NelsonJonathan

Multiple Stellar Award-winning artist, worship leader and all-around nice guy – Jonathan Nelson – has delivered a true TKO with his fabulous new disc called, Fearless, a musical mix of glorious songs that sets its sight on the Kingdom of God. Jonathan has always been an ambassador for Christ. However, Fearless forges way ahead of his previous works with a record that’s sure to register with multiple demographics, multiple generations and multiple music fans.
Nelson knocks this one out of the park with a multitude of styles, rich collaborations and a Holy Spirit kind of humidity that overflows throughout the Live recording caught on CD. Now, with a chart-topping album to his credits, it was time to speak to Entertainment One’s newest recording artist about the process, the purpose and the plan for Fearless. Jonathan Nelson revealed his heart and hope in our in our recent, exclusive one-on-one for BlackGospel.com.
Christopher Heron: It’s a new season for you with the release – Fearless –  and a new label, Entertainment One. 
Jonathan Nelson 2016
Jonathan Nelson // Photo By Derek Blanks
Jonathan Nelson: Well you know what? It was a natural progression. I was with Karew Records and my contract had come to an end. Karew had already moved over to eOne. So it was a very easy transition for me, but if you watch the trend of what’s happening with eOne, they have JJ Hairston, Michelle Williams and Erica Campbell. I thought this might be a good place to be.  eOne has a great way of thinking, they’re very innovative, very fresh, a lot of new faces in Gospel. Phil Thornton, who is the VP, is absolutely brilliant and he totally gets it, the big picture. For me it was just a no brainer and a privilege to work with them.
Christopher Heron: Your brother, Pastor Jason Nelson, has emerged as an amazing artist in his own right. As twins, I presume you’re close, but how much consulting do you do with each other with which regards to ministry and artistry and the business of Gospel music?  
Jonathan Nelson: We talk every day. He has a great understanding. We share because we definitely keep a twin connection as singers, as artists and as worship leaders. So yes, he’s definitely a part of some of the decision making process. I can’t wait until we do more recordings as The Nelson Brothers. It’s my next dream that I want to accomplish. So we talk and consult a lot. That is the next thing on the horizon for me and one of my life’s goals. 
Christopher Heron: By your own admission, where does your heart rest?  
Jonathan Nelson: The next phase of my greatest call is to serve in the Kingdom. This next place of focus is going to be more ministry. I do not want to just sing, I want to shift to ministry. I want to introduce Jesus to those that do not know Christ. We have to pause with some of those concerts and introduce Christ to someone there, to a non-believer to become a believer, and to show young people whose lives have been in disarray to align with God. You have to take an extra minute or two to offer Christ to somebody. That’s more of my focus. 
Christopher Heron: I do not want to sound cliché, but this album – Fearless – may be your best work to date. What do you attribute to this development and maturity in your music? 
Jonathan Nelson: First of all, the word ‘fearless’ is a strong word. You see it in commercials, you see it used in advertisements. I cannot tell somebody to be fearless and I refuse to embody and embrace what I am saying. So, this what makes this a great body of work is because I became fearless. For example, I once upon a time had a group named Purpose but God showed me I had to close that chapter and so I brought a new group of worship leaders together that never sang together before.
Christopher Heron: And why did you decide to go in this direction? 

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