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Micah Stampley talks making relevant music, unique ministries, family & more! | @MicahStampley

One of the most electrifying vocalists to emerge on the national stage since the turn of the millennium is prolific recording artist and international worship leader, Micah Stampley. Hi multi-octave range and astounding stage-performance not only earned Micah 1st prize as the 2004 Stellar Awards National Star Search contest but over the years, Stampley has steadily drawn comparisons among keen Gospel music observers to his peer and predecessor, Donnie McClurkin.
In the last decade, Micah Stampley has been honing his divine calling and unmistakeble craft as a Christian recording artist by recording indelible hits like Our God, Heaven On Earth and The Corinthian Song. His musical genius has caught the attention of a few notable figures along the way, like Bishop T.D. Jakes and Matthew Knowles.
Micah Stampley 2016
Micah Stampley
Ultimately, Stampley‘s long-term plan was tied to the creation of Interface Entertainment, a multimedia company owned and operated by Micah and his wife, Heidi Stampley, designed to introduce faith, hope & love through multiple platforms. With a highly anticipated album on the way called, To The King…Vertical Worship, BlackGospel.com spoke with Micah Stampley about making relevant music for the modern world, unique ministries beyond our borders and finding a firm foundation within his family. 
Christopher Heron: So let’s talk about a few of your interests.  For instance, how do you prefer to listen to music?  Is it on headphones, is it in the car, or is it somewhere in the house?
Micah Stampley It’s definitely headphones.  I don’t like ear buds because I get irritated when things are stuck in my ears.  But I do like headphones and I have these beautiful gold headphones made by Monster.  Very clean, very clear, not too base heavy, it’s phenomenal you should try them.  But yeah, headphones is my choice, by far.
Christopher Heron: You’ve become quite the globe trotter in recent years.  Is there any particular favorite city or country you’re very fond of?
Micah Stampley Oh man, I love Japan! I’m really into fashion. I’m a model as well as a recording artist and actor, but the fashion there is off the chain. As far as a tropical location is concerned, I would say Turks and Caicos, hands down.
Christopher Heron: And finally, when you have time to unwind or just do the things that Micah enjoys doing, what is it that you will devote time to?
Micah Stampley: What most people don’t know is that I’m also a Ghanaian Prince. So I do a lot with my dad who’s a reigning King in that Kingdom.  But aside from that, I am very hands-on with my family.  I’m always in the kitchen.  If I wasn’t a recording artist, I would definitely be a chef.  I love cooking, it’s therapeutic.  I’m a very southern guy, I love riding horses, I used to compete in rodeos. So I have different textures and layers of who I am. I’m also a track and field coach, I coach my boys and I’m one of the assistant coaches in their track club. I also do some coaching in basketball too, so I’m very hands-on with my children.
Christopher Heron: Speaking of the Motherland, let’s begin with the new single Be Lifted.  It’s got a very strong African sound, some would say Nigerian, like juju or waka.  Michelle Williams had a big praise hit a couple of years ago with Say Yes which may come as a surprise to many Americans that it was a re-make of a Nigerian song by Kayode Akojenu.  But tell me how the sounds, the spirits of Africa found its way into your music, particularly with this new single Be Lifted.

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