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INTERVIEW: Michael Durant, Nicole White, Nathan Mellix

One of the refreshing new releases in 2016 is the BOC-Music compilation disc called, Let’s Go In. This incredibly inspiring new Independent album pulls from the songwriting skills and musical talents of three powerful artists –Michael Durant, Nicole White and Nathan Mellix. Let’s Go In is a blend of beautiful worship songs, cutting-edge contemporary Gospel music and much, much more.
The album clearly pools from the power and anointing of each of these three childhood friends from Charleston, South Carolina. The result of this collaborative effort is a remarkable compilation release that will resonate with worshippers and unwavering music fans. BlackGospel.com spoke to Nicole, Nathan & Michael about their musical influences, the creative process and why Let’s Go In was the obvious title choice for the album.
Let's Go In - Michael Durant, Nathan Mellix, Nicole White
Let’s Go In – Michael Durant, Nathan Mellix, Nicole White


Christopher Heron: By your own admission, how would you describe the sound and style of Let’s Go In, the compilation album?

Nicole White:  I think it’s a mixture of three different styles.  We all grew up listening to Dietrick Haddon, The Winans. Michael Durant knows every Gospel artist that ever lived and every song they ever recorded, so he’s got all kinds of influences.  But for me, my musical style comes from a variety of female Gospel artists that I’ve listened to like CeCe Winans and Joanne Rosario, but also Contemporary Christian artists like Natalie Grant and Jamie Grace.
Nathan Mellix:  I’d agree with Nicole. I grew up listening to Commissioned, The Winans and Daryl Coley, Contemporary Christian music artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. We would go to free concerts featuring Carmen when he used to come to Charleston.
Nicole White:   Anointed.
Nathan Mellix:   Yes, Anointed too.  We were exposed to a lot of good Christian and Gospel music.  It’s a mesh of different styles. We love mass choirs.  Our influences are magnified by the fact that there are three different artists featured on this album. That really adds to the album. You will hear a lot of neo soul, Contemporary Christian and Gospel styles and I think it makes the project exciting.
Christopher Heron: With each of you being so distinctive artists, what’s the creative process?
Michael Durant:   We’re all songwriters. Each song is led by the artist who wrote it. I’ve had a couple songs where I woke up from a dream and I’m like, “Wow, God actually gave me a song”.  But there are times when I’m just humming a melody for a week, and I’m like, “Wow, I really like this. I can’t believe that stayed with me.”  So it’s really fun, interesting and kind of a journey.
Nicole White: The neatest thing about the process is you get that melody, you get those words, you send it off for production.  When you get those songs back and it’s got all the instrumentation to it and it really comes to life, it’s amazing.
Christopher Heron: Let’s Go In is a compilation album, but is this album featuring a group or a compilation of artists?
Nathan Mellix: It’s a compilation of individual artists who are all a part of BOC Music. Nicole, Michael and I actually grew up together Charleston, South Carolina. Nicole is my sister and we met Michael at World Harvest Ministries, a church down in North Charleston.  So we’ve ministered together for years but we have our own styles and our own music. It was a no-brainer to come together with a compilation CD under BOC Music, which is the record label that we’re all with. We’ve ministered together for about 15 years and I think it brings a great dynamic.
Christopher Heron: So with Michael Durant living in NYC, how challenging is it to minister together?

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