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Todd Dulaney shares on style of music, his mentors & A Worshipper’s Heart. | @ToddDulaney

Entertainment One recording artist, Todd Dulaney, is the latest breakout figure on eOne to impact the Gospel music industry with his chart-topping, sophomore release called, A Worshipper’s Heart. The Stellar Award-nominated, Chicago-native delivered a doozy to start 2016 with his authentic rendition of the Planetshakers hit song, The Anthem. Since then, the public has been clamoring for more from worship leader and retired pro athlete, Dulaney.
The journey for Todd Dulaney, from the artificial turf to the church altar, is a testimony clearly captured in the sound and spirit of his latest worship project. After the critical acclaim of Todd‘s debut album, Pulling Me Through, the artist would face his share of personal and private setbacks, stalling his ascension for a season. But now, with his heart firmly rooted in faith and family, Todd Dulaney is ready for the next chapter in music and ministry. BlackGospel.com spoke with Todd Dulaney about his specific style of music, his most important mentors and what exactly is a ‘worshipper’s heart’.
Todd Dulaney - A Worshipper's Heart
Todd Dulaney – A Worshipper’s Heart
Christopher Heron: Let’s begin with a few fun questions about the man behind the music. As  a Chi-Town native, are you a Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks or White Socks fan?
Todd Dulaney: It’s the White Socks. It’s a representation of the south. I roll with the south side because my wife is from the south side and I’ve got to live with her.
Christopher Heron: You’ve got to respect Kenyetta (wife).
Todd Dulaney: Absolutely.
Christopher Heron: Your favorite Chicago choir of all time, is it the The Thompson Community Singers, New Generation Chorale (New G), Chicago Mass Choir?

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