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Cory Henry - The Revival (Live)
Cory Henry - The Revival (Live)

#MusicReview: Cory Henry – The Revival | @Cory_Henry

revival |rəˈvīvəl| noun
an improvement in the condition or strength of something: a revival in the fortunes of the party | an economic revival.
Cory Henry - The Revival (Live)
Cory Henry – The Revival (Live)
Well by definition Cory Henry has brought us just that with his latest LP The Revival (Live). The 11 track album takes us on a journey forward by taking us back to classic songs such as The Lord’s Prayer and He Has Made Me Glad. Bringing to life some of the old songs that the Church sung in eras gone by, he reintroduces them in a jazzy yet respectful free flow of licks and tricks from the acclaimed Hammond Organ. 
His lead single NaaNaaNaa, where Corey serenades us with his jazzy tone, really speaks the spirit of this album as he tells us at the end of the song, 
“I have the organ in my dreams, in the place I want to be, with the people I love”  
To compliment the genius of this album he records it live,  without the editing out of moments where he asks for a towel, or if his feature singer’s microphone is on. If you are at all imaginative you’ll find yourself sitting in the audience reacting along with the audience, which you can hear clearly laughing, singing, and giving spontaneous reactions to the music genius of each track.
The only thing that can upstage this masterpiece is Cory Henry himself, he loves what he does and has thus transcended the barriers that keep most creatives in the box and has become one with his craft which allows him to create music for us all that goes beyond our ears and sparks the creative in us!
Put your headphones on, let your proverbial hair down and go on this journey that Cory has mapped out for us – trust me you’ll be glad you did!
I give this album a VincentSPEAKS 5 star rating!
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Released: March 16, 2016 | Label: Ground Up

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