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Chad Brawley talks about perpendicular praise, WeWorship Project & more! | @ckbmusik

For faith-based music fans, the new millennium has seen the steady progression from Contemporary Gospel to corporate Worship music… story-telling tunes of salvation and liberty have been increasingly replaced by anthems that laud the Lord.


Leading the charge are a troop of deeply anointed, highly gifted worshippers that possess the ability to transform the atmosphere among the assembly of believers. One of the torchbearers of Worship music is Houston-native, Kingdom envoy, Chad Brawley.


His new highly anticipated album – The WeWorship Project – not only features an array of artists such as Daniel Johnson, Gene Moore, Cheryl Fortune and Sheri Jones-Moffett, but it also serves as a template for tabernacles seeking to enter a new dimension in epic devotion. BlackGospel.com recently spoke with Brawley about his attitude towards perpendicular praise.


Christopher Heron: Who are a couple of Worship Leaders you admire and enjoy?

Chad Brawley: That would be Todd Galberth & Jovita Sheppard.


Christopher Heron: You were ordained recently. What does ordination represent? And explain how that impacts your ministry.

Chad Brawley: Ordination is kind of an endorsement or stamp of approval and authentication. If someone has accepted the Call to do ministry, has been faithful, received a particular level of training and demonstrated integrity, a church or denomination will endorse that leader, for lack of a better word.


Chad Brawley 2017
Chad Brawley

For me, it’s just another level. I see it as another level of responsibility, another level of opportunity and encouragement. I’m not planning to start a church or become a pastor. I get to preach in some way every week. I take what I do, as the Worship Pastor, as my place in ministry.



Christopher Heron: Not only do you recognize your calling, but you’ve also studied prolifically and acquired degrees in music ministry. Is that an essential part of becoming a successful Worship Leader?


Chad Brawley: God can do whatever He wants with whomever He wants, so yes, a Calling is sufficient as long as the person is used by God and doing whatever they can do to cultivate and develop their Calling, the craft and the discipline. I do think that formal education is essential because you have the benefit of years of research, and practice. So I think it’s both.


Christopher Heron: Is all Worship music for the body of Christ? There’s a preponderance of Worship music, today. Is this because of the demand for it or is it just a trend?

Chad Brawley: It’s definitely a trend right now. My prayer is that Ministers of music and Worship leaders will be responsible and use it appropriately and not just do it because it’s trendy. But to answer your question, all of it is not trendy.


Christopher Heron: Recently, I’ve heard artists express criticism or backlash against other artists for recording Worship music because it’s trendy.


Chad Brawley: I wouldn’t go that far. Too much of anything is unhealthy but I think any music should edify the body, whether its Gospel music or Praise & Worship. Like I said, too much of one thing is not healthy.

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One thing regarding Gospel music is we spend a lot of time singing and talking about each other and about stuff that we’ve gone through and that the Lord brought us through. Praise & Worship music is more Christ-centric, singing to Him and about Him.


Christopher Heron: Finally, with regard to the title of the album, The WeWorship Project, what are you saying through the title?


Chad Brawley 2017
Chad Brawley

Chad Brawley: I noticed over the years that the congregation is enjoying a concert by the Praise team and/or the choirs. I believe everybody should be involved and understand the benefit of interacting with God.


This project is aimed at ‘we’. Most of the songs are simple enough to where anybody can remember them and sing them, no matter what church you’re at. It’s aimed at the renewal of congregational worship where everybody participates.


Christopher Heron: And is that an essential part of a successful worship experience?


Chad Brawley: Absolutely. There are times when God speaks to us and there are times when we speak to God and there are times when we speak to each other. For instance, the reading of the Word is God speaking to us. Prayer is us speaking to God. Fellowship time may be us speaking to each other.


Chad Brawley 2017
Chad Brawley

The point I’m making here is it’s all necessary for an effective experience because we’re in communion together and we’re in communion with God as the body of Christ. We have to be inclusive when it comes to church.


Christopher Heron: When you produced this album, what was your prayer and expectation for The WeWorship Project?


Chad Brawley: First of all, I hoped the music would be sung and used to glorify Him. Then I prayed that all songs would edify the body of Christ. My prayer is that churches across the world will get the music, sing it and that it will encourage worship renewal in our churches.


For more information on Chad Brawley and the new album, The WeWorship Project, visit his official website @ www.chadbrawley.com.

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