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Jekalyn Carr shares her favorite 2016 song, her favorite artist & why “The Life Project” | @JekalynCarr

One of the feel-good stories of 2016 was the emergence of the dynamic, young Christian artist, entrepreneur and evangelist, Jekalyn Carr. This teenage titan for Jesus broke through the glass ceiling with her holy hit, You’re Bigger, a song that sword to the top of the charts and solidified her stature as one-to-watch-for in 2017. Firmly rooted in righteous living and sacred songs, this West Memphis, Arkansas-native is currently enjoying favor among radio programmers, Gospel consumers and ministries across America.
Jekalyn Carr 2017
Jekalyn Carr
With 3 albums to her credit and a bright future at the tender age of 19, the sky is the limit for Jekalyn Carr. BlackGospel.com spoke to Miss Carr about carrying the banner of Good News to the next generation, the prophecy behind her signature song and who exactly is keeping her grounded as she reaches for the sky.
Christopher Heron: Jekalyn, I’d love to know who inspires you…whose Gospel album really ministered to you in 2016?
Jekalyn Carr: I would have to say Brian Courtney Wilson. He has an amazing album. We all know the song, Worth Fighting For, and then another one of my favorites is I’ll Just Say Yes, so his album was really a blessing to me in 2016.
Christopher Heron: You’ve met a lot of pastors, evangelists, and artists over your storied recording career. Was there any person that was a real honor for you to meet?
Jekalyn Carr: Pastor Shirley Caesar. She’s my favorite Gospel artist and every time I get a chance to be with her it’s always amazing. I had the opportunity to feature her on one of my songs from my second album called It’s Going To Happen. I just saw her the other day, and it was just great, and she’s always imparting knowledge with me, so she’s an amazing person.
Christopher Heron: Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2017?
Jekalyn Carr: I didn’t.
Christopher Heron: Let’s talk about the album, The Life Project, why did your team choose this as the appropriate title?
Jekalyn Carr: We chose this title because every song on the album ties into a particular area of the lives of God’s people. What we wanted to do with this album was go beyond the surface and really call out things that people deal with on a day-to-day basis and help them to understand that whatever it is that you’re experiencing, God is so much bigger than that.
In the song, You’re Bigger, you’ll hear me talking about how much He’s bigger than cancer and marital problems and diabetes or anything else that you may be facing. Then you have the song, You Spoke Over Me, which talks about the Word that God released over your life. It doesn’t matter where you may find yourself in life, God’s Word does not change, and He’s so faithful that He will call on that Word to wait on you until you get into a place for His Word to manifest.
In We Will Stand I’m talking about unity, we need each other. With I’m Beautiful, I want you to understand the confidence that God wants you to have and be confident of who God has created you to be. So all the songs on the album tie into some area of God’s people’s lives. 
Christopher Heron: Your Signature song, You’re Bigger, is such a massive hit. The song has taken on a life of its own. Did you have any idea that this song would find so much favor? 
Jekalyn Carr: You know what? A while ago God spoke to my dad, and He told him that God was going to give me a number one song.  When God instructed us to release You’re Bigger, we knew that He would do great things but we had no idea it would be to this capacity. As the Word declares, He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think or imagine. Just to see how God has taken the song across the world and so many people are being blessed and inspired by the song, that’s the reason why we do what we do, so that people can be blessed and that’s one of the greatest goals you could ever achieve. 
Christopher Heron: Are you comfortable knowing that this is your signature song and that everywhere you go people will want you to sing it?
Jekalyn Carr: Absolutely. Everywhere I go, that’s what they want to hear. That song and Greater Is Coming.
Christopher Heron: From what I’ve seen you’re a very grounded, young woman of God. How important is your family and faith to your foundation?
Jekalyn Carr 2017
Jekalyn Carr
Jekalyn Carr: They are both very important to me. When I first started singing, my parents recognized my gift and as soon as they recognized it, they instilled more values of grace and nurtured my gifts so that I could become who I am today. And I tell people all the time that you see me, but you never see those who are working behind the scenes so that I can do what I love to do. Not only did they instill my faith but they also played a huge part in my career and life.
Christopher Heron: It’s hard to believe that you’re still a teenager. Do you enjoy doing things teenagers enjoy doing, like shopping, posting on social media or texting?
Jekalyn Carr: I love going to the movies, I love getting my hair and my nails done, and hanging out with my family. We play volleyball every now and then.
Christopher Heron: Today’s generation of young people face very different challenges. What’s your word of advice to the millennial generation, from your perspective, as a young, Black Christian woman?
Jekalyn Carr: We see in this age that we have so many distractions and so many young people are experiencing things they shouldn’t be experiencing. But one thing we’ve got to understand is we cannot allow these experiences to dictate who we are and what God is going to do in our lives. We’ve got to believe that we’re champions, we’re overcomers. Don’t allow the enemy to make you feel as if you cannot experience more in life.
There’s so much more to you than what you’ve tapped into. All you’ve got to do is believe and surround yourself with people that will pull the best out of you and offer the right covering and yield to your leaders, it plays a part in you becoming successful. Things are not going to happen overnight. You’ve got to make sure that you’re putting in the time. As long as you’re working on your vision, just know that God is working as well. You’ve given God something to work with. Just make sure you hang around the right people and work with what God has given you.
For more information on the anointed Jekalyn Carr and her breakout album, The Life Project, log on to her official page @ www.myjekalyncarr.net.

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