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#MusicReview Love Over Hate by Montel Dorsey & MUniversity | @mdtglobalview

Review By Christopher Heron
For those of you looking for music that chills, thrills and throws your back out, search no more. Montel Dorsey & MUniversity are Ph.D’s in music ministry. This New York-based chorale is bound to strike a chord with millennials, music fans and ministers of the Gospel in 2017. The debut album called Love Over Hate hits hard on every level.
The album kicks off with a startling commentary on contemporary events. Montel Dorsey & MUniversity take you straight to class with chilling accounts and an audacious declaration that love licks hate down to the ground.
Montel goes hard on the 1st track, Love Over Hate, a beat-heavy, Urban fix from the hood that fiercely affirms the power within love.  On Suit Up, Dorsey delivers another doozie in message and music. The narrative is simple…saints, be on guard. The music is a montage of booming beats, slick production and an interesting children’s chime that’s chilling to the core.
One of my favorite songs on the musical roller coaster is My Story, as Montel paints the picture through lyrics of a life that went ‘Left’, but found its way back to Jesus. The song oozes of a Motown sound but Montel makes music for the millennials…period…applying a production value that’s second-to-none.
The first single, Celebrate, is a party-poppin’ track designed to get you in a fit. The syncopated beats and near-perfect vocals by Ruth La’Ontra and Farrin Sherelle with hypeman Janoir, will get the saints swaying and strutting to service all week long.
Montel Dorsey is definitely fine with bringin’ fire & funk to his jams…as heard on Jubilee. Horns are blazing, keys are crashing, organ’s humming…vocals are vying for some shine. It’s one big block party !!! By now, I’m good. This record is lit like the 4th of July…but Montel’s got more in store.
Showin’ he can chu’ch it up, Dorsey & MUniversity ups the ante with a praise break on King Of Glory. This is classic COGIC stuff…card-carrying, Brooklyn-bred, Sunday worship music. Montel finally takes his foot off the gas on II Chronicles 7:14. On this exquisitely arranged selection, Dorsey brings us back to the basics in music…and to the old message, “if my people, who are called by name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” It’s a timeless promise worthy of a reminder in song.
Other enduring songs include the praise anthem, Judah, the wonderfully crafted, Worldbeat chant called – The Power – guaranteed to get you going and the CCM-inspired melody called, More. Montel Dorsey is more than comfortable in any genre…more of a genius in his execution of songs and styles. The album concludes in symbolic style on I Need Thee…it’s the benediction and Montel Dorsey & MUniversity are speaking in tongues, as the oil flows. Let the church say “Amen”.
Whether you’re a believer looking to lift your spirit or a music fan seeking songs worthy of repeat spins, Montel Dorsey and his crew will connect like few can with an assortment of selections that will surprise and delight you in some unexpected ways. Love Over Hate is a message worth hearing over and over again on this CD.


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