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#MusicReview: Sounds Of Revival II by William McDowell | @WilliamMcDowell

Review By Christopher Heron
Back in 2017 is prolific songwriter and worship leader, William McDowell, with the sequel to Sounds Of Revival, called Sounds Of Revival II, the conclusion to an astonishing night of worship, captured for Christians’ listening pleasure. The album begins like a prelude to precipitated worship with the orchestra in sync, setting the table with a tapestry of interwoven chords and melodic crescendos…the effect is 3-dimensional worship well underway.
Enter the stage, Israel Houghton, on In Your Presence, joining McDowell, BGVs and the spirit of God, to elevate hearts and minds towards Heaven. The simple chorus conjures up a joyous & jubilant emotion. The power of the moment is manifested in every syncopated beat…every replicated note….the spirit is surging after just 2 selections.
Whisper His Name is a short, rhythmic exhortation to the saints to shout out the name above-all-names. McDowell makes the most of this verses, drawing on the power of his potent vocalists and mesmerizing musicians, led by Clay Bogans, all in one accord. The Name Of The Lord is yet another track capturing the continuous flow of fervent praise with McDowell as worship leader. The sound of revival is audible in this recording…no props…no put-ons…just unadulterated worship with one voice.
McDowell takes a decidedly different approach on I’m Yours, welcoming the vocal support of Jonathan Stockstill & Brian Courtney Wilson on a mid-tempo ballad that speaks of unconditional surrender. One of the prettier selections on the CD is Falling On My Knees, a quiet song certain to resonate on the global frontier with its measured pace and simple arrangement. There is a perpetual, premeditated sound that’s present on every track, including on In Your Presence…it’s the irrefutable sound of a revival in progress. Think vespers service surrounded by a campfire. It’s earnest, honest and intent on inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Once again, William enlists the help of a few formidable worshippers in Nicole Binion and Jonathan McReynolds on Sweet Mystery, a song that asserts of the awesome wonder of the one we worship. Both singers immaculately interpret the heart of McDowell’s hymn like heart-readers.
Former teen sensations & siblings, Charles & Taylor, make a surprising cameo on the meditative, mid-tempo ballad, You Are The One, while Tina Campbell takes the congregation straight to church on the consecrated song, Come To Jesus. McDowell makes a case for best supporting vocalist, as he teams up with Tina like a seasoned duet, delivering the song to soaring heights.
In case you missed it the first time on Sounds Of RevivalTravis Greene returns with the farewell chant, a Caribbean concoction called, It Is So, a sure firecracker for those yearning for more fire. Sounds Of Revival II is replete with sacred songs designed for Sunday services. William McDowell has definitely demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the calling of writing worship songs we all can learn and love.

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