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Top 10 New Gems For July 2017
Top 10 New Gems For July 2017

Top 10 New Gems For June / July by Christopher Heron

Top 10 New Gems For June / July
By Christopher Heron
If you’re like me, you’re anxiously awaiting some albums for the ages from the forerunners of faith-based music. But until then, here’s the definitive dime, my Top 10 new songs, for the dog days of summer to stream over and over again. 
Tasha Cobbs - Great God
Tasha Cobbs – Great God


1. Tasha Cobbs / Great God – Tasha Cobbs-Leonard is back and bringing an extra serving of the Spirit. No doubt about it, the Princess Of Praise is pushing some serious high-praise on the new single, Great God…a track saturated with the aura of The Anointing, with Tasha taking you higher and higher. Take us to church, Tasha !!! 
Ricky Dillard & New G - I Survived It
Ricky Dillard & New G – I Survived It
2. Ricky Dillard / I Survived It – When Ricky does his thing, it’s always radio gold, so get ready for power & praise from the Debutant of Dynamic Choral Praise. The new single, I Survived It, is Dillard serving up his signature sound spawned from the sanctuaries of Chicago. It’s part high praise, part celebration and fully sanctified. Dillard always delivers the goods that gets you jumpin’ for joy. 
3. James Fortune / Favor Of God – Quite honestly, you could pick any track from the new disc, Dear Future Me, and you got a dime but since Favor Of God gets extra downloads and streams in the digital world, I put this song at the top of the food chain. With the help of Zacardi Cortez on lead, James Fortune brings back that 90s sound, with the band on blast and the BGV’s singin’ for the cake.
Le'Andria Johnson - Bigger Than Me
Le’Andria Johnson – Bigger Than Me
4. Le’Andria Johnson / Bigger Than Me – The pastor Of Imperfect People just dropped a perfect gem worth a listen. Le’Andria’s Bigger Than Me is throwback fun, filled with grown folk music and the oral authority Le’Andria exudes. The song is a departure for the Grammy award winner, who has traditionally carried every balled with the sheer power of her voice. This track walks the tightrope between good music and great vocals.
Travis Greene - You Waited
Travis Greene – You Waited
5. Travis Greene / You Waited – The wait is finally over. On the heels of The Hills, Travis appeases his hungry fans with an astonishing new anthem called You Waited, a beautiful ballad giving adoration and acclamation to the One who’s waited with arms wide open. There’s something so earnest, honest and open about Travis, you always get whatever he’s giving and, in this case, it’s great music and a greater message.

6. Mali Music / Gonna Be Alright – The enigmatic melody-maker is back with music that blends Urban soul with Inspiring heavenly lyrics. The result is a riveting track that’s quintessentially Mali. Whatever the circumstances, no matter the situation…everything’s gonna be alright. Mali is a street minister and this song is penned in the language ordinary people get. Now that’s what’s up.
7. Chris Blue / Take Me To The King – Only the reigning champ of The Voice could tackle Tamela’s Take Me To The King and make it a monster hit of his own. That song is the business and Chris definitely goes to work on it with his own inspiring performance that altogether pleases. There’s nothing ‘blue’ about this uplifting, glorifying anthem that elevates with each passing bar.
8. Ruth La’Ontra / Kingdom – Love, love, love this song! Tyscot recording artist, Ruth La’Ontra lets it all go for Jesus. This sizzling new track, penned by label-mate Anthony Brown, keeps it 100 for the Kingdom with a song that celebrates and elevates the courts of Heaven. Simply put, it’s a bold and bright proclamation saints will enjoy singing all week long. Ruth rocks this jam from start t finish.  
9. Jackson Chery / Air I Breathe – One of the most popular worship songs gets a marvelous makeover by New York native and Independent artist, Jackson Chery. Bringing his audacious love for Haitian music, Chery showcases a kompa twist to the tune that works on multiple levels. Anyone from the Caribbean will connect with this gem for Jesus.
10. Rudy Currence / Testimony – Where my millennials at? This one is definitely for you. Multi-talented Rudy Currence kicks this one right over the goal line with a track that’s lit like 2 sticks of dynamite. Think Kendrick, Chance & Canton all cooked up with some serious heat. The result is a track several notches up with nifty production and a testimony you won’t soon forget. 

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