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Interview: Donald Lawrence (2006)

Donald Lawrence - 2006

With the current release of the highly anticipated, critically acclaimed album, befittingly entitled THE FINALE (EMI Gospel), songwriter, director, producer and impresario Donald Lawrence carefully crafted a series of signature songs with one of America’s most beloved recording choirs, for one last time. As the face and voice for the …

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INTERVIEW: Kevin Bond, Producer (2006)

Kevin Bond (2006)

  If you were to take a poll among elite gospel artists and ambitious new producers today and ask the simple question, “who would you like to intimately work with on your next project or in the studio”, one name would surely surface to the top like sparkles in a …

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Interview: Alvin Fruga (2006)

Alvin Fruga - 2006

Alvin Fruga grew up observing his father as he planned, prepared, and provided the ministry of music for their local church.  From that extraordinary example set in his home, he learned the necessary and effective techniques of leading worship, as well as the spiritual elements of heart preparation and the anointing.  …

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Interview: Anointed (2005)

Anointed - 2005

  Steve Crawford and Da ‘Dra Greathouse are, by far, two of the most talented siblings to ever pair up as recording and performing artists.  Their incredible run as Contemporary Christian artists over the years and, most recently, as beloved Contemporary Gospel artists, as the group, Anointed, is a testament to their unwavering faithfulness …

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We’ve all witnessed the hand of God on an anointed singer as she serenades an audience into soulful submission or an ordained minister as he exhorts a stricken congregation to return to the righteous fold.  These blessed gifts – singing and preaching – are tools from the Father that incite …

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Music Review: Inside Out by Duane Starling

Duane Starling - Inside Out

The seasoned and well-respected Duawne Starling has risen to the anticipated occasion by delivering a proud handful of treasures on his first solo project, Inside Out (Gospel Inc.), a collection of interesting, melodic self-confessions put to compelling morsels of music. Pregnant with Christ-like persuasion, and endearing in a myriad of mortal ways, Starling offers …

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Interview: Ricky Dillard (2004)

Ricky Dillard - 2004

If a poll was taken among industry insiders and fanatical followers of everything Gospel, as to who might be the most dynamic, charismatic and perhaps finest choir director of our time, I suspect Ricky Dillard’s name would finish among the Top 5, if not at the very top of a very …

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