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 Interview w/ Apostle C.E. Proctor


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: Apostle C.E. Proctor

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I Am Determined

I've Been Waiting


Over the last several years, Texas has birthed some of the most innovative and pioneering sounds in gospel music as evidenced by such stellar artists as The Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell and, of course, Kirk Franklin.  This spring, hailing from Kirk’s hometown of Dallas-Fort Worth is Apostle C.E. Proctor and the The Dallas Fort Worth Community Choir, a dynamic, contemporary group of young people eagerly proclaiming the gospel in their debut album entitled I’ve Been Waiting. 

BlackGospel.com had the pleasure of engaging in discourse with the multi-talented Apostle C.E. Proctor, the group’s director, producer and chaplain to speak on their newly released project and the impact they hope to have for the Kingdom.

For those not acquainted with you or your music, how would you describe your musical ministry?

We are known here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as setting the stage for the upcoming gospel generation.  Our sound is definitely more urban contemporary, with some traditional infusions, as we try to cater not only to those who appreciate contemporary music but those who are inclined towards a more traditional sound…

How does your pastorship at Destiny Fellowship Church affect your musical ministry?

The choir itself started with the praise & worship team at Destiny Fellowship, then expanded into the community choir, where other ethnicities and church organizations joined into what is now known as the The Dallas Fort Worth Community Choir..  Some members go to my church and others attend other ministries.  When someone attends our church, they usually expect to see the choir minister, but we explain to them that the entire group does not attend Destiny Fellowship Church.  By the same token, we do bring about the same kind of traditional and contemporary music during our praise and worship.

There seems to be a definite influence from a fellow Texan on your music, Kirk Franklin.  Would you agree that you get a certain level of inspiration from his ministry?

I love Kirk Franklin!  He is a pioneer.  As a fellow son of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I have been following his ministry for close to fifteen years.  Kirk definitely has a strong influence on me when it comes to songwriting.

How has working with the late Reverend James Moore enhanced your musicianship?

About eight years ago, when the late Reverend was fellowshipping with me at my church, I was curious about how the Lord spoke to him with regard to writing music.  He engrained in me to keep things basic, simple, and plain so that people can always understand the music.  I have carried that with me in all areas of the ministry from songwriting to choreography.  The results have been a blessing both to us and to those who listen to our music.  People have been complimentary about the clarity of our vocals and our message.

When is your latest project slated for nationwide release?

We’re so excited by what the Lord is doing!!  The single is in heavy rotation at local radio stations.  The album has already hit the streets on the east coast and we’ve received tremendous feedback.  We’re anticipating the nationwide release of the project by April 22, God willing.

What would you say is the predominant message of the hit single, “I Am Determined”

It is self-explanatory.  At times we’re faced with obstacles and situations that would have us give up, but we must continue to be determined no matter what we’re faced with, no matter what we’re going through.  We must continue to be determined, to press our way through the things that try to keep us bound… It is a message within itself, that no matter what, “I am determined to be with Jesus!”

In addition to your roles as the choirs chaplain, director and producer, do you also grace us with your singing talents?

I do sing on the album but out of the fifteen members in The Dallas Fort Worth Community Choir, everyone has the potential to be a lead.  We showcase out collective multi-faceted talents by sharing lead vocals.

What is your favorite instrument?  I ask because the bassline seems to be the dominant instrument throughout the album?

I always brag about how my bassist sounds, but I love the Hammond organ also… Although, if I had to pick one, I’d have to lean towards the bass.  Taking inspiration from Dorinda Clark Cole’s musicians and Fred Hammond’s musicians, we actually wanted to be recognized for our strong bassline…

What does “I’ve Been Waiting” say about you, not the apostle but the man?

“I’ve Been Waiting” is so dynamic in the spiritual realm.  There are many things that I’m still waiting for, and many things that I waited for that have come to pass.  It’s just a stand to let the enemy know that he can bring it on, I’m still gonna wait.  I’m not gonna fret, I’m not gonna fear, I’m not gonna fall, I’m just gonna wait on God for my breakthrough, my increase, my deliverance.  I’m just gonna wait on the Lord…  


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Posted: March.2005


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