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Donald Lawrence shares on the state of Gospel music & the Gospel choir, his favorite recordings with The Tri-City Singers and a couple of artists that got his attention. | @DonaldLawrence

Exclusive Interview with Donald Lawrence by Christopher Heron

For nearly 30 years, Donald Lawrence has applied his scholastic training and anointed gifts to develop talent and compose / produce music for a host of artists, ranging from En Vogue to The Clark Sisters, from Stephanie Mills to Karen Clark Sheard. His international reputation and multiple awards are mostly tied to his timeless recordings with The Tri-City Singers. …

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JJ Hairston talks about Miracle Worker, beard & wardrobe, future collabs, worship in Africa & more! | @JJ_Hairston

Exclusive Interview with JJ Hairston by Christopher Heron (2019)

  Recording artist & Worship leader JJ Hairston has emerged as one of today’s gatekeepers of Gospel music. His distinctive songs that combine familiar choral harmonies with contemporary worship are now recognizable hymns heard around the world, where worshipers gather. @dotellgospel It’s been an incredible journey for JJ & YP over nearly 20 years, beginning in Turner’s …

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Jabari Johnson speaks about his love for Jesus, his journey as an artist and that special day he was redeemed for a greater purpose. | @johnson_jabari ‏

Exclusive Interview with Jabari Johnson by Christopher Heron 2018

  ‘Redemption’ is defined as the act of being saved from sin. Redemption is also the focal point of the Christian faith. Gifted guitarist and eOne recording artist, Jabari Johnson, has tagged ‘redemption’ as the title to his debut release.  One listen to Jabari’s Day Of Redemption is a listening session to a man’s soulful confession.     …

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Jason Nelson shares some fun facts, discusses his new album and the embracing of his calling to keep Christ at the forefront. | @PastorJNelson

Exclusive Interview with Jason Nelson by Christopher Heron (2018)

  As a powerful preacher, dedicated pastor and prolific recording artist, Jason Nelson has shown his propensity towards a divine purpose. That calling is completely connected to Christ. Nelson is deeply driven and devoted to elevating the Savior, as a solution to all oncoming crisis.     It’s the running theme and …

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Koryn Hawthorne talks about her EP, her stints on Saints & Sinners, Greeleaf & The Voice, the creative process & more. | @KorynHawthorne

Interview with Koryn Hawthorne by Christopher Heron (2018)

  One of the fresh faces in Gospel music forging new ground is The Voice finalist and 2018 Stellar Award winner, Koryn Hawthorne. On the strength of Hawthorne’s haunting voice and a hit song that topped the charts, Koryn is trending with tweens, teens and trendsetters of all ages.   …

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Joy Mobley talks gifts, talents, passion for music and inspiration behind “Don’t Turn Around”

Exclusive Interview w/ Joy Mobley by Christopher Heron (2018)

  The riveting, new release entitled, Don’t Turn Around, is the latest EP from Minnesota-native, Atlanta-resident, Joy Mobley. The melodic, tapestry of anointed tunes is part of Joy’s plan to touch people through the power of her jubilant music.   Joy has always captured crowds with her incredible instrument, highlighted …

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Todd Dulaney discusses his transition from a retired professional baseball player to singing gospel, about recent accolades and “Your Great Name.” | @ToddDulaney 

Exclusive Interview with Todd Dulaney by Christopher Heron

One of the most appealing Inspirational artists to emerge in the millennial era is the affable and anointed Todd Dulaney. His charming smile and churchy anthems are totally in sync with what the saints want…authentic worshippers. His brand new project, Your Great Name, at the top of the Gospel Billboard …

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Cheryl Fortune shares on being a survivor, favorite songwriters, the message in the music & more! | @IAmSimplyCheryl

Exclusive Interview with Cheryl Fortune by Christopher Heron 2018

In this turbulent era of #metoo, women from all walks of life are suddenly sounding the trumpet against intolerable, yet tacit assault in their personal lives. No longer silent, women in one accord are collectively crying out against domestic abuse and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Even among ‘believers’, women …

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