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Gospel Artist Bios

BIO: Myron Butler – Worship (2012)

Myron Butler - Worship

  As the founder and creative force behind the ensemble Myron Butler & Levi, Myron Butler developed a reputation as an artist unafraid to push the creative envelope in a marketplace defined by tradition. Best known for their dynamic stage presence and energetic hits, including “Set Me Free” and “Stronger,” …

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BIO: Aloa Harris (2009)

A native of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, Aloa migrated to the United States as a child. Early on, it was the church that gave a foundation and platform for this artist to develop into a unique vocalist. Aloa’s expertise of harmonies, melodies and vocal arrangements, would soon be requested …

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BIO: Crystal Aiken (2009)

When Crystal Aikin boarded a plane in her hometown Tacoma, Washington, bound for Los Angeles to participate in a singing competition, she had no idea that this would be the opportunity that would change her life forever.  A registered nurse with an anointed singing voice, Aikin hadn’t even heard about …

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Sound Of The New Breed: Freedom

Sound Of The Breed - Freedom

In 1995, Israel and Meleasa Houghton along with Aaron Lindsay founded New Breed Ministries, an organization comprised of noted musicians and singers who serve within their respective churches and together serve the Church at large. With a desire to draw people of all races, ages and cultures together through worship, …

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BIO: Darlene McCoy (2007)

Darlene McCoy // 2007

  Darlene McCoy, a well-known praise leader and urban inspirational artist, finally prepares for her premiere self-titled release that has all the indications of the promise and vitality of a new artist making her tremendous impact on the music world. The eponymous debut is an album that’s by song to song …

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