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  1. Do you review music from new indie artists?

  2. what about white gospel music for goodness sake! Not just black you know. It’s racist

    • Hello Vicky,I am a radio promoter,When I tried getting Black Gospel Placed on White radio,they tell me if it is not like a White Artist,they do not play it,That is also Racist,what is your answer for that.


    “PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING” you will find the most

    soft spoken voice, has the most intelligent solutions to the problems we

    are facing, of all candidates running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED

    STATES. Speaks soft and carries a BIG STICK. A much tougher

    man and leader then the average perception people have of him.


    US ALL !

    Dr. BEN is a true man of GOD.

  4. I have a great song (lyrics ) I think this really needs to be heard, but I am at a lost as for what to do next, can you help

  5. What happened to the Musician Exchange Discussion Board

  6. Hello,
    i listen to you guys all the time on TuneIn
    and the Sister Duo Tobbi and Tommi's new
    single release have not been played.
    please include them in your lineup. The
    song is called You Are Holy.
    Thank you so very much.
    Be blessed.

  7. Hello there,
          My name is Purist Ogboi. I am a UK based gospel artiste. I just released my debut album with some great songs which I'm now sharing with the world. Produced by industry professionals. Please I need all the support I can get as a new act. Counting on your support. Please find my links below.

    I NEED YOU OFFICIAL VIDEO (HD) – http://youtu.be/3eVqJJLXFP4

    MOST HIGH OFFICIAL VIDEO (HD) – http://youtu.be/PBdJ_dBSDNQ

    ALBUM PROMO HD –  http://youtu.be/70wNi_ejR0Q

     Purist is an anointed minister of God who has devoted her life to kingdom service. She studied music performance and vocals at Tech Music Schools London. She is a song writer, gospel recording artiste, vocal coach and a praise worship leader at RCCG Living faith Connection London UK.
       She is married to Evans Ogboi and they both serve in the music ministry.

    Thanks for your support, I truly appreciate this.

    Best Regards
    Purist Ogboi

    Tel: +447930854685
    email: npurist@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/puristmusic http://www.twitter.com/purist_ogboi

  8. Hi My Name is Dr. Fay M. Butler, Host of Top Of The Morning Radio Show. I record it live every Monday at 6:00am eastern o nwww.blogtalkradio.com/pastor-maureen. It is an hour long weekly inspirational show.
    The show is in syndication, it is rebroadcast on gospelisgolden.com,dmggospelradio.comand waiting to be placed on WJGM. It is an Mp3 file, all you have to do is download any episodes from the link above. The show has more than 100,000 followers on facebook. Can you air the show at a time convenient for you.
    Dr. Fay M. Butler
    My other websites http://www.huldahshouseministries.org http://www.huldahshouseministries.wordpress.com
    my church site is http://www.urimcogic.org

  9. Good Morning,__To: whom it may concern__My name is Kevin Stewart Jr. and I am sending you my new CD release, "Yes" for possible addition to your playlist. _"Yes" is an original contemporary gospel song, I believe my single would fit perfectly into your music program's format.__ _You can find additional information about Kevin Stewart Jr. and "Yes" at http://soundcloud.com/kevin-stewart-jr . http://youtu.be/6jgwuAPqV58. Attached above is my bio and picture. I can be contacted through email kevinstewart38@gmail.com or by contacting._ Thanks for your consideration. ___Regards, __Kevin Stewart Jr. __

  10. Blessing 2 U, My Name is Pastor Kevin Strawder, Founder & President of The GMAP Broadcast Network. Please contact me – I would be Honored if you would like to consider having you Internet station placed in our internet RadioTV Broadcasting Rotation on the GMAP Broadcast Network {Channel 2} http://gmap1.com – Please visit our Broadcast Network site and consider the possibilities. 224-795-7059 email: gmapradio@yahoo.com

  11. Good morning Sir,
    I greet you in Jesus name,ok!it’s a great pleasure to me to find you ,for begining,I’m gonna introduce myself better.My name’s Methuschael Raphael,the girls call me Usher because they say that I sing like him,I’m singer and I just wanna do all my best in order to realize my dreams,the dreams that I got from my childhood,I just wanna be famous because from my childhood manypeople say that I was born like a Megastar.I live in Haiti with my dad and my brothers,Haiti situates in west indies,right now I wanna record one between the musics that I wrote in a studio but I need help to do this but right now I’ve a big problem,I need to record it,and I don’t know what I must do now,I hope that God will touch your heart for me even so they help me to record it,I’ve 100 texts of musics RnB,these songs are for Almighty Jesus because I just wanna sing only for God,and I wanna do many albums with that.Please can you help me to record it Sir,please help me.Sometimes I think that the pegans are more understanding than the christians because it’s really difficult to find a christian who accept to help a young in my country even if this latter got everything to help,so true.sometimes I can tell you that I’m discouraged and regret to be born,and I ask often God why he gave me this talent? because from a long time I knock many doors but they never open for me,please I already count on you,don’t forsake me like the others christians are in the habit of doing it,if you wanna do diffence,please call on (011-509)31064574 or answer me on my mail (methus1989@yahoo.fr),I’ve noone who can help me and show me please that I’m not alone anymore because I feel that I’m really alone.I’m just waiting for you,as soon as possible,God bless you more